asPitchDetect Xtra 

live online demo - shockwave needed

asPitchDetect Xtra

An Xtra for Macromedia Director that does a pitch detection on live sound input, i.e. it computes the note played or sung.

Platforms :
• Macintosh MacOS9-MacOSX (PPC and MacIntel!)
• Windows 95/98/2000/XP w/ DirectX5
• shockwave-safe and autodownloadable
• Director 7 to 8.5 + MX + MX2004 + Director11 !


  • computes pitch on live sound input (also called pitch tracking)
  • global instantaneous volume : access the current volume of the sound input
  • sound input selection by code: in lingo, you can select the sound device and the sound source.
  • autodownloadable packages

Note : asPitchDetect Xtra is based on an algorithm available on this same site, as an open source C library : dywapitchtrack.

download asPitchDetect

Macintosh OSX & Windows 95/98/2000/XP
Download (390 Kb) :

Demo version has an alert panel in Authoring mode and does not work in Projector or in Shockwave :


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single user licence : 29 €
+TVA/VAT if applicable

The password that you will receive by email will unlock the demo version and will work with all 2.x versions on all platforms.



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Sample shot of demo