schmittMachine provides expert consulting in interactivity design and programming, and software architecture design and programming in customer projects where human-machine interactions are essential, through short high value added missions, especially in the industries of multimedia, culture, music, education and advertising.

Since 2017, schmittMachine also deals with embedded systems (IoT, connected objects), for a better coexistence of machines and humans in real life.

schmittMachine is Antoine Schmitt, a professional independent programmer with more than 40 years of experience, with prestigious collaborations (NeXT, BBC, violet, Hyptique, Virtools, enero, etc…).

Keywords are :

  • highly interactive software – consulting, design and programming – complex algorithms, realtime systems
  • interactive media – sound playback and analysis engines, interactive video, computer vision, physics simulations
  • interaction and semi-autonomy design – intelligent objects – autonomous software agents, artificial intelligence
  • software architecture – design of complex interactive software systems – API design, systems integration, libraries
  • plugins and libraries – custom Director Xtras and plugins development
  • software for installations: sensors, sound, camera, motion-tracking, realtime
  • embedded systems, IoT, communicating objects, ESP32, ESP8266, FreeRTOS